As was the case with last weeks wedding, last Saturday started off horrible & wet, but thankfully the weather experts got it right, and it got drier throughout the day.

The day seen me starting out in Rathcormack just outside Sligo town. I haven’t shot a wedding in Rathcormack since the very first wedding shoot I did, when I second shot for somebody, way back in July 2006. But I distinctively remember the priest basically banning the majority of photography during the ceremony. So it didn’t surprise me at all when the local priest had a chat with me before taking shots of the groom & groomsmen. Basically the vows were the only part of the ceremony I could shoot is what he told me. A bit restrictive, yes, but I got pretty much everything I wanted to during the service. I work quickly, quietly and never use flash inside a church! Hopefully he’ll remember me next time I have to shoot there, as he did compliment my unobtrusive style afterwards!

Sinead, Oliver & everybody at the wedding was great, and we got everything we needed done outside after the church, which meant the bride & groom had loads of time for chatting with their guests at the Radisson, Ballincar.

Now, I don’t usually post stuff on my website saying why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding or this or that. But one thing that photographers who specialise in weddings are used to, is working under pressure. It’s a day that cannot be re-shot, so it has to be done right, first time, no excuses. Not even if the shutter on one of your cameras gives up the ghost as the bride walks up the aisle!

Yes, that’s what happened me on Saturday. I’ve had a shutter break on me twice before, once when shooting F1 and once while shooting some surfing, so I knew instantly what the weird noise was! Before I even thought about what to do, I was already on my other camera getting dad giving away Sinead. Result, no shot missed, everything I needed from that time in the ceremony was captured. If that’s not a pressure situation, I don’t know what is! And as I was restricted for the next part of the ceremony, I simply slipped out the back of the church, went to my car, got my nice Canon 1D mk2N and used that as my 2nd camera for the rest of day. I always use two cameras on me, each with different lenses so I don’t miss opportunities, and another two backups.  The bride & groom wouldn’t have even realised, unless they read this now! But that is one of the things you should get when you hire a specialist in wedding photography….piece of mind.

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