1.5 meters x 3 meters large approx! That’s how big one of my Mullaghmore surf shots has been printed and displayed in the Bundoran Surf Co. shop in Bundoran. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a shot printed that big, not since my F1 days anyway (see below). So I was pretty stoked when Pete from the shop wanted one of my images for the shop, I just wasn’t sure how big he was going with it!

The shot turned out great, and looks mega on the wall of the redesigned shop in Bundoran. This was shot on the 1D mk2N, so not the most massive of megapixel cameras anymore, but the 1D cameras are still brilliant for shooting with, and a shot as big as this is to be looked at from a bit of a distance to take it in, not super close up like you would a wedding album. But even so, as you can see from the pictures below, the big version has held up well, and looks almost as good as the original!

If you’re in the Bundoran area, stop into the shop and have a look, there’s a nice Mickey Smith shot in there also!


One of my Red Bull Formula 1 shots projected onto a warehouse in the Melbourne Docklands during a Red Bull party in 2005.


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