So for my final wedding of 2014, it was a local Strandhill one for a change! With both bride & groom getting ready very nearby and the church just down the road, it didn’t mean there wasn’t any drama in getting there thanks to a punctured car tyre when I went to pack the car! Wonderful! A quick change of car thanks to my wife who also works in Strandhill, and I was on my way, all 2 minutes of a drive to Ciara’s house where the girls were getting their make-up finished off by Ann Young. Apart from the rain & fact it was December 31st, it felt very balmy, as the previous few days temperatures were hovering around freezing, but this day was something like 13 degrees!

With both Ciara & Karol getting ready near to each other, I was able to capture a few images of the guys getting ready also, although most of my time is spent with the girls, as is normal. After getting a few relaxed portraits of Ciara & the girls, I headed down to Strandhill church to get a few quick portraits of Karol & the guys before the ceremony began in front of a packed congregation.

I love a challenge…so photographing Ciara & her dad coming up the aisle lit only by candlelight was definitely one my most challenging shots to do last year! For anyone who knows cameras…I was shooting at 4000 ISO at F2.2…for anyone who doesn’t know cameras, it was dark, very dark!The rest of the ceremony was beautiful, especially the vows which had some lovely light hitting Ciara & Karol at the alter! Following the ceremony & quick group shot from the choir gallery (again challenging, 4000 ISO at F3.5 1/30 of a second), the bride & groom greeted all their guests in the foyer of the church, staying nice & dry!

We then made a quick trip to the best pub in Ireland, The Strand Bar, for a couple of drinks & a few pictures! And during the holiday period with all the Christmas lights, the light inside the pub was beautiful!! With the reception just in the road in Sligo, we made a quick decision to get a few pictures near Tully in Strandhill, with the whole of Sligo bay in the background. We had a small window of less than 5 minutes to get some pictures, then the rain hit again! It was nice to get some shots outside, but for everything else, we’d stay inside the warmth of the Clarion to get what we needed – families and a few more with the bride & groom!

So now for the rest of January & February, I’ll be jumping right into the business side of things, tweaking my website a little, and updating the galleries again! I’m also busy dealing with queries for 2016 (July is really popular & mostly booked!). Hopefully there’ll be a workshop I’ll be doing again, just waiting on full details right now. That will inevitably take us to March, when 2015 wedding season kicks off in earnest! So stay tuned for some new updated galleries, a tweaked website & the always interesting Behind The Image!

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