For this Behind The Image post, we have a set up shot of sorts! When John & Caroline asked me to shoot their wedding in Lanzarote, I knew there would be plenty of opportunity for doing different locations, but I never guessed all those locations would be within 10 minutes of the hotel!

I had scoped out & even shot an engagement shoot in this beautiful courtyard at the back of the hotel, but that was during the day. When the meal & speeches ended & everyone began relocating to the dance club (yes, the hotel was that big, the dining room & club were in different locations!) we had to walk through the courtyard, and to my amazement it was beautifully lit, with enough light that I knew I had to ask John & Caroline for 2 more minutes for pictures before dancing. It’s not something I’d usually do, as most people have had enough of the camera at that stage, but this HAD to be done! Location, location, location & I knew the couple would be up for 2 more minutes!

I had my exposure sorted and I knew what shot I wanted (kind of like when I worked in Formula 1, you need to have everything ready before you have 1 minute to photograph a driver!)…I have done this pose before but not for a while and certainly not in this location!

First I done a few other quick relaxed poses, then I simply told John what to do, where to hold & lift Caroline! I’ll never mention to the bride where to put her hands or her legs more importantly, but thankfully Caroline put them in the perfect place, her hands right on the back of John’s head and she kicked her legs out in the perfect way which is why the shot works so well. For me this was THE shot. I have another couple of pictures in slightly different stages of the pose, but this is the one that looks & works best. And of all the images I shot that day, this is my favourite, and potentially my favourite of 2014!


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