Another behind the image…this one going back to documentary style from Louie & John’s wedding back in August & two images today!

For most of the morning preparations with the girls, I shoot in a documentary style, where I simply step back & try to capture the story of the morning, without interfering or getting in the way. Knowing when to be in certain rooms takes quite a while to get used to but I’m at the point now where I know what’s going on or what’s about to happen, and trying to anticipate those moments are how I can capture those moments when they happen. Because most of the time, they happen so quickly if you have to think about it when it’s happening, you’ve already missed it. Back when I was learning to shoot cars & Formula 1 (before I ever moved to the UK to Sutton Images) I lived by a quote I read in a National Geographic photography book that said, if you see the action happen through your camera, you’ve already missed the shot – the same applies to moments during a wedding day.

For these two shots, the above applies perfectly. For the first shot I knew I had to be in the room for this moment of the little flower girl trying on Louie’s bridal shoes. I shot a couple of frames of this, but this moment was the one I was looking for & anticipating, where the flower girl looked at Louie instead of myself. Louie’s reaction just made the shot even more special!


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