Lets go Behind The Image again! This time it’s an image of mine from Michelle & Jason’s wedding from 2013. And a shot that recently placed 14th in the Kids Will Be Kids category of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) quarterly contest.

Shooting throughout the day looking for moments that help tell the story of the wedding day is something I love. Those moments are always un-posed, usually happen so quickly that nobody else sees them, and the only way to capture them is to be observant and always aware of what’s going on around me. What happens then after the wedding meal is that suddenly I’ve stopped and it can be hard to get into the flow again. Most people at this stage of the day have also had enough of seeing a camera around, but not kids! Anytime there’s kids around, be ready!

For this shot, the bride & groom had just cut their cake, the meal was finished, and people were starting to leave the room. But not Rian, the pageboy! Suddenly nobody was around the cake and it looked pretty tasty! I was shooting at quite a distance and could see Rian just pacing about the cake, looking like he just wanted a taste of it! The decisive moment for me was just when Rian decided to have a sneaky taste of the wedding cake. One shot, and it captured everything I wanted with this picture, and it’s one of my favourites from that day!

It’s the kind of documentary shot that you don’t even need to read my description above…just by looking at the shot, you know what Rian has done!!

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