“If there are photos you really care about, print them out.”

“If there are photos you really care about, print them out.” This is a quote from Google VP and one of the fathers of the internet. You can see the full article here. In a nutshell the article is saying that we in the 21st century are going to loose so much information because it’s all being stored digitally and in the future there may not be a way to read it all.

What’s that got to do with me & wedding photography? Since I started shooting weddings back in 2007, my packages have always included an album with them. They still do today, and part of the reason is when you have your album, you have your images! You do not need a machine to look at them. They’re physical, the leather cover has grain, it’s in your hands! Look after it well, and you’ll always be able to look at it!

Take my own wedding for example, I think I’ve looked at my disc of images once since 2010 when we got our wedding album. The album gets looked at every year. Will that disc work in 10/20 years time…who knows. I’ll always have my album though.

The following piece is one I wrote a few years ago, but I always come back to it & encourage prospective clients to read it. It sums up why should always get an album of one of the most important days of your lives.


I’ve been asked a couple of times recently if I do CD only package, or what’s known by wedding photographers as a ‘shoot & burn’ option. That is where the photographer turns up on your wedding day, shoots, and afterwards hands you a CD with all the images they took.

Imagine this scenario…1 year after your wedding, glass of wine in hand, curled up with your spouse remembering one of the best days of your lives. Now, how can you flick through the pages of a CD? Even sitting in front of the PC just doesn’t quite do it, does it? Now more importantly, imagine that same scenario but 30 years down the line, when your kids or grand-kids ask to see your wedding album? A CD just isn’t going to bring out the same emotions that a wedding album will do. That’s truly when the album becomes a family heirloom.

That is primarily why I do not offer a shoot & burn package. I like to get to know the people who choose me to photograph their wedding, that’s where the engagement shoot comes in handy, as it gets you used to being in front of the camera, so when I’m there on your wedding day, you’re already comfortable with the camera & how I work, and this allows me to tell the story of wedding day through my pictures. Afterwards, is when we get down to creating what will become one of your most cherished possessions.

So although, yes, I do include a CD with images in all my packages, it’s really the album choice that is the most important item. That album may be a matted (traditional) album, or a new style coffee table album. Either way, the album should be your storybook.


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