I cannot believe that 2016 will be my 10th year as a wedding photographer! That’s somewhere in the vicinity of near 300 weddings! When I thought up this career change mid-way through the 2006 Formula 1 season, I had no idea that I’d stick with it this long!

So when I moved back to Ireland at the end of 2006 to get started, I decided to go into this, at the time, super unglamorous industry! There were, I think, two wedding photographers in Sligo. It wasn’t the thing to do for a photographer in his mid-twenties to shoot weddings, not in Ireland anyway. So while the Celtic Tiger roared on, I got started in the industry & did my own thing…learned & got inspired by the best wedding photographers in the US & Australia & found my own style, which was in fact very similar to the way I shot Formula 1.

Everyone in Ireland knows what happened then in 2009 when the economy collapsed…and somewhere around 2010 or 2011, everybody & anybody thought they knew how to be a photographer and suddenly weddings became the thing to shoot. For me, my style continued to evolve…I say evolve not change, as my first wedding images don’t look an awful lot different to ones I’ve shot in 2015….they’re more refined & polished now & I see moments better (comes from experience) but the essence of the images are the same. That’s what style is ultimately. You’ll see the same with photographers in all types of photography.

And that’s what this post & the next few posts are about! Some of the images from the past 9 years that have helped define my style of wedding photography. But I won’t bore you with a million images, just one from each year!

2007 – Eva & Ray’s wedding. Although not my first wedding to shoot, this is an image that has definitely helped define the way I shoot certain parts of the day. Relaxed portraits is all I’m looking for when I photograph the bridal party & bride & groom. If people aren’t relaxed, it shows in the images.

er 21july07

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