2010 – Tracy & John’s wedding. The style of my wedding photography, whether it’s the portraits, details or fleeting moments, all have to have a similar look to it…that’s what style is after all. But of all the parts of a wedding day, it’s the moments that are hardest to capture…but they also turn out to be some of the best shots of the day!

Every wedding is different involving so many different people, so the moments you encounter on the day are different every time I turn up to shoot. Moments are fleeting, they happen in an instant, and usually don’t last. You either capture it on camera or you don’t….there is no retry. Moments are also, in my opinion, extra special to still photography. If captured on camera, you have that moment forever…a certain look, glance. Video captures the moment also, but it’s time & passes quickly, like it did in real time…will most people even notice it? Still photography has that for all time….as long as you capture it!

There is no doubt I’ve got better with experience at capturing moments. It takes practice & the ability to be in the room with everybody, but at the same time not be there, if you know what I mean…being able to blend in the background & let people get on with the day & be comfortable with you around.

Because moments happen throughout the day, I tend not to let my guard down for most of the day. I’m always looking for them and I know my camera equipment like the back of my hand so its always ready in the settings I need. Trying to anticipate moments throughout a full wedding day is a big reason I’m usually exhausted at the end of the day! Try it sometime…while in a sitting room with some people, just try & concentrate on everything that’s happening at once, see if you can anticipate what might happen. Then imagine having to capture that moment & do that all day long…it’s more tiring than you think! But what you might capture on camera is always worth it! Have a look at my full Wedding Moments gallery & see!


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