2011 – Christine & Denis’ wedding. The most important aspect of the style of my photography, and it’s something I keep repeating, is that it is Relaxed! If people aren’t relaxed in front of me (and therefore my camera) I cannot capture the genuine moments. And even more important is when we’re doing the bride & groom portraits. This is where it really shows if couples aren’t relaxed. You can have the greatest location in the world, in the best light ever, but if the couple isn’t relaxed, it’s not going to be a great shot.

The engagement shoot definitely helps with this part of the day, but it’s also the relaxed posing that I do. Yes, I do some posing, but I’ve learned to do quick, easy, natural posing to get the portraits my clients want. I do truly believe the art of posing in weddings is being lost…all of the wedding photographers I admire have one things in common – they all know how to pose couples beautifully but at the same time simply…


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