2012 – Jenny & Ger’s wedding & Steph & Elliot’s wedding. Following on from 2011’s post on relaxed portraits, 2012 just continued the trend but taking it a little bit further and moulding my style into finding the moments between moments! Even during the portrait part of the day there are moments all the time…you just have to be ready to anticipate & capture them!

With Jenny & Ger’s wedding image below, in the middle of a busy street in Galway city, as soon as the couple told me they wanted to go there for a few pictures I knew immediately the photo I wanted to capture for them. I took inspiration for this shot from the front cover of the Oasis CD, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, with the shops and streets lining the frame, but then having Jenny & Ger in the centre of the frame, something I rarely do, I just tried to show the hustle & bustle of a busy street in the middle of summer by using the slowest shutter speed I could whilst keeping the bride & groom static in the frame. One of the things I love about this image is how many stories are in this shot because of the amount of people around! Just take a look at some of the faces in the frame!

With Elliot & Steph below, this is my favourite kind of bride & groom portrait…yes we’re working one on one, but it’s a moment between a bride & groom that are just married, and probably one of the first times they’ve had a moment to themselves.  Yes the light is nice, the touch of flare helping with atmosphere of the shot, but it’s the connection between the bride & groom that makes the image…everything else just finishes it off nicely. That’s my style…connection between people first, everything else is a bonus.


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