2015 – Aisling & Patrick’s wedding. 2015, my ninth year as a wedding photographer and a year where everything was coming together as much as possible. What will change for 2016…that I can’t answer until I start shooting full-on come March. As this series of posts shows, my overall style will not change, it will just be further refined & polished. So roll on 2016 and my 10th year as a wedding photographer!!

Moments are something I anticipate even more & concentrate hard to capture. Being able to get up close to the moment is something I’ve tried hard to do in 2015 and succeeded. This shot below was shot on a 35mm lens, which means I’m close to Aisling & her grandfather…close to them but not interfering or in the way, that’s something I’ve got good at through the years. I try to be everywhere & nowhere at the same time.


2015 – Emma & Paul’s wedding. The portrait part of the day again is something I’ve refined over the years. Knowing how to pose quickly & easily is something I try to do at every wedding, and always taking the surrounding environment into account. Most important of all is light. It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing hotel with stunning landscape if the light is not right.


2015 – Majella & Shaun’s wedding.


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