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A Real Wedding Moment, this time from Michelle & Niall’s wedding in May.

Unobtrusive…documentary…journalistic, all words thrown about the wedding photography industry, a lot of times by photographers who don’t even understand the word. When you’re shooting moments at a wedding, it’s not just about pointing the camera at anything that moves, it’s about shooting a moment that helps tell a part of the story. And to be able to shoot in this way, you need to be able to blend into the background so people around you react normally, as if you weren’t there.

I’ve said it before, but I’m a tall guy, not small! Yet with this image above I’m kneeling in much the same position as the bridesmaid in the image yet not distracting or getting in the way at all, even though I’m super close to the action, on a wide angle lens (35mm) as the image I wanted was exactly this one…I want the bride & groom & viewer to feel like they are in the room with the girls as they finish getting the bride’s dress buttons done up. You can’t achieve that feeling of being in the room by standing back shooting with a long lens.

They say many hands make light work…and it usually takes a few hands to finish doing up the dress buttons…you have the bride herself holding the dress up, the bridesmaid on the right doing the buttons, another bridesmaid in the mirror holding the veil and finally another bridesmaid holding the dress up also. So three bridesmaids in the image even though when you first look you only really see one!

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