Another Real Wedding Moment, this time from Lorraine & Dan’s wedding  in May.

Speeches are really great to capture. I don’t always get to capture them, but if they are before the meal, I will do. They’re always different, and it’s a challenge to anticipate the reactions & expressions from people. With video you can hear the speech & see why people are reacting the way they are…but with a still photograph, all you have is the expression so you need to capture it at the decisive moment in order to give the image context.

The image above has that! Lorraine’s dad is giving a speech, and without going into too much detail, you know it’s a bit of an embarrassing story about the bride because of her reaction. But it’s a funny story too as you have mum in the background laughing & also Lorraine’s twin sister next to her. I could shoot 50 images of dad’s speech…or I could just have this one which says everything about what he said that evening.

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