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So how do I begin to explain my mindset for the image above? It’s a moment, a split second, from Nisha & Keith’s wedding, that I’ve captured, in a still image. It really was a split second moment, and one which shows how still images have a massive edge on moving films.

A gorgeous moment at the top of the aisle…both mums & granny all pretty emotional and of course’s why I love weddings! But pretty much everything that went on in my mind for this image, happened just before the processional started. This was a pretty dark church, but the light coming through the doors behind the bride was very bright, that’s always a challenge to shoot properly! So once I knew I had to change exposure as the bride was half way up the aisle – that’s where 15 years experience shows & knowing light & how to use your camera without looking at buttons comes in handy! – and what lens I wanted to shoot on, it was simply a matter of waiting for dad to hand Nisha over to Keith!

Now as what happens a lot sometimes, luck played a little part! 90% of the time, I’m usually standing on the other side of the alter! But here, Caroline shooting video, and the two priests were standing where I normally would be, so I just stood on the other side….just roll with it! And because of standing where I was, I was able to capture the emotions of both mums faces, and Nisha’s grandmother! If I was on the other side, my angle would not have been great & probably would not have been able to see their faces! So yes, luck definitely played it’s part!! But you have to be prepared to take what luck gives you!

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