wedding photographer sligoHere’s a first for the Behind The Image series, a silhouette! This is a scene that happens at every wedding, every weekend…the bride checking her make-up or hair as the MUA or hairdresser has just finished her most important job that day. Sometimes it happens right in front of me, sometimes it happens very fast, and then sometimes the bride disappears somewhere to check it.

On this morning, Lorraine stepped into the bright hallway that had a large mirror on the wall & holding the small hand mirror, she could check the hair piece in the back of her hair. I try not to run around a house, or to stop things as much as possible as I want to document what happens not direct it, so I decided I’d shoot this scene from where I was stood in the kitchen.

Without getting very technical, I knew the kitchen was a dark room but the hallway was very bright, and if I had just shot the pictures with the same settings my picture would simply be washed out white! So I decided, basically on the fly, to shoot this scene very dark & render Lorraine a complete silhouette & just show the shape, and outline of what she was doing. This decision & changing camera settings takes place in 1 to 2 seconds, that’s how quickly you have to react sometimes on a wedding day!

I also decided to shoot this shot dark, as it cut out all the distractions on the left & right of the frame so all the focus is on the bride checking her hair out. And yes, when I shot this image, I had in my mind that it would be black & white in the final image. It’s the kind of simple image that without me explaining anything, you know what the bride is doing, and that’s the goal of a shot like this one.

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