wedding photographer mayoI work on my own at weddings. I like to shoot unobtrusively throughout the day & to do this I tend to keep a low-key approach during the day and shoot by myself. But I’m a tall guy, 6?2, but somehow I manage to disappear quite easily when necessary!

The moment just before a bride walks up the aisle is sometimes a pretty emotional moment, and I try to give the girls some distance and either shoot from a far, or not shoot at all, every wedding & moment is different. But I can usually tell how the bride is feeling as soon as she’s got out of the car. For instance for this shot above, Linda & her dad got out of the wedding car, and immediately started having fun with the bridesmaids who were waiting nearby.

This relaxed feeling continued right up into the foyer of the church. I could see there was some great moments happening so I just crouched down a little & continued to shoot, and again, I’m a tall guy, but I’ve taken this shot almost right next to the bridesmaid on the left of the frame…I’m in amongst the girls & dad without being noticed at all & that’s the feeling I wanted to capture with this shot. I’ve mentioned this quote before from of one of the greatest photographers ever, Robert Capa, who said ‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.’

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