wedding photographer kilronanI’m going to sneak in two images for this Behind The Image, from the same wedding, Laura & Darren’s fab wedding back in May.

For the first shot above, from being in the room with Laura & the girls while the last few preparations were going on, I could tell she wanted to make a grand entrance in front of everybody in the house & the house was pretty full too! So with everybody squeezed into the hallway & even standing on the stairs, I decided there was no way I was going to fit down there too, so with Johnny on video capturing Laura coming out of the room, I decided to stay behind Laura & squeeze myself almost behind the doorway as to not be seen too much by everybody. I knew I wanted to capture everybody’s reaction to seeing Laura for the first time, but also needed to have some of Laura in the frame to add context to the image so it would need no explaining. This is the decisive moment of that sequence as everybody can be seen, and enough of Laura is in frame to add the last touch to the image.

wedding photographer kilronanFor the second image from Laura & Darren’s wedding, I chose another documentary style image, of Laura arriving at the church. The bride arriving at the church is different at every wedding naturally, and sometimes a shot you see & have ready just gets scuppered by a reflection in the car window so you cannot see the bride inside, but when Laura arrived in the glorious May sunshine, it all lined up perfectly with Laura sitting in the perfect spot so as to be seen inside but the rest of the car window having a reflection & the bridesmaids just standing in the perfect spot as to be caught by that reflection! Sometimes you pray to the photography gods, and sometimes they give back to you!!

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