wedding photographer irelandFor this Behind The Image picture, I want you to picture the scene above, and go literally behind the image! Picture a pretty busy main road, with white paint lines down the middle, the occasional car going past. So why did I put Aishling & her bridesmaids here when she had a fabulous garden towards the back of her house? Simple, because of the gorgeous light from the sun behind the girls! Light tops everything, and dictates where I can shoot pictures the majority of the time. Add the presence of the beautiful trees in the background, and you have the perfect location for pictures that morning!

No squinting, no staring into the sun, nice even light and the sunshine gives the image just the right amount of pop to the colours! That’s what I was looking for when shooting the few relaxed portraits in this spot! Trust me, if I’m not using a gorgeous area for pictures, it’s because the light isn’t right & wouldn’t help me make images you’ll be 100% happy with.

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