wedding photographer sligoAs a wedding photographer trying to document as much of the day as possible, I always try to be aware of what might be going on behind me. When we had finished with Caroline’s quick bridal portraits in the courtyard of Lough Rynn Castle, I was as usual about to dash off to capture the groom portraits before the ceremony. But just as I reached the doorway that cuts through the castle, I turned around to see Caroline’s sister Lisa helping to pick up her dress, with her mum also helping, Dad watching on, and her aunt in the background. For me, that was the shot of the morning! Unposed, totally natural, and an unseen moment until Caroline & Brendan seen their images a week after their wedding! (See When Do I See My Wedding Pictures).

Not only do I try to be aware of everything around me so I can document the day fully, this shot also is a good reason why I shoot with two cameras! I always shoot with two cameras, I always have since before I even became a pro photographer in Formula 1 in 2002. Very simple, one camera with a wide angle lens, and one with a longer lens. The shot above was taken one a long lens, probably my favourite kind of lens.

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