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Lets play The Generation Game with today’s Behind The Image! It’s a simple candid shot of the groom’s dad, with his other son in the background and of course the newest family member, his grandson in his arms! I keep saying real moments top everything, as you can’t pose the natural look. I could waffle on & on about dad’s natural expression, but just look at the image, it says it all…you can’t pose that look.

On this occasion after the ceremony at Leona & Ross’ wedding,  I seen dad was holding his grandson and playing with him in his arms, and then his son appeared in the background of the frame…I just anticipated some natural laughter & pressed the shutter button. It’s about anticipation, waiting for the right composition, and listening in a little to what’s going on & how that might bring about emotions into the subjects…in this case real laughter. It was the three generations in the same image I was after, but it needed that little bit of genuine emotion to complete the image!

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