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Let’s get Behind The Image from Sharon & Tom’s wedding back in October. This is one of my favourite moments of 2017, and I naturally shoot a lot of images throughout the year, but it stands out to me for a few reasons.

I shoot with both my eyes open, always have! It’s so I can see stuff in my peripheral vision. Back in the day that would be a crash or something in Formula 1…these days it’s moments that happen away from where I’m focused on…like this one from Sharon & Tom’s wedding, when the bridesmaids were walking up the aisle.

When the bridesmaids are walking up the aisle, it’s a shot that requires a lot of concentration as it’s usually dark inside the church, and no matter how many times I mention it, the bridesmaids always speed up the aisle!! Add to that, Collooney church is somewhat brighter at the bottom of the church where the girls start walking, then it gets real dark, so I have to make sure to change settings super quickly, all while watching for the next bridesmaid….so needless to say, there’s a lot going on in my head to get things right in camera.

So while all the above is going on, out of the corner of my eye I notice Sharon stepping inside the doorway, which is conveniently located to the side of Collooney church. She was watching the bridesmaids going up the aisle, as was the whole congregation. I liked the shot and took it, but wondered where her dad was. So I took a half step to my left & suddenly I could see Sharon & her dad watching & waiting. That was the shot I really wanted.

A lucky shot for sure, but sometimes you make your own luck. I had on the right lens, I’m always looking around for another shot even when things are getting busy & manic. Then sometimes the photography gods just give you the extra little piece needed for the final image. That final piece was Sharon & her dad standing in the right spot between the columns inside the church.

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