It’s the last week of January, so lets jump into the Behind The Image series again! Basically this is a behind the scenes or what was I thinking when I pressed the shutter series! I’ll try to give you a bit of my mindset when I took these photographs during last year, at various weddings. I’ll go though a few un-posed, documentary style images, but also some more posed ones, as I do truly believe the art of posing in weddings is being lost…all of the wedding photographers I admire have one things in common – they all know how to pose couples beautifully but at the same time simply, relaxed & quickly…more on that next time!

When I photograph the morning of a wedding with the girls, I work pretty much, all in documentary style, which is where I leave whatever happens to whatever happens, and I don’t dictate anything. I’m there to capture the story of the morning, not create it. To do this takes some patience in waiting for moments, but also watching & listening to what’s going on so I can anticipate the moment I want to capture.

Being able to get up close to the moment is something I’ve tried hard to do in 2015 and succeeded. This shot below was shot on a 35mm lens, which means I’m close to Aisling & her grandfather…close to them but not interfering or in the way, that’s something I’ve got good at through the years. I try to be everywhere & nowhere at the same time.

This is the final sequence of shots that I have of Aisling & her grandfather, when he arrived at the house in the morning, just as everybody was getting ready…and you have all that in the background of the shot also, there’s plenty going on but it adds to the overall image, and you have the connection between the bride & her grandfather. This is definitely one of my personal favourite shots from 2015!


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