Since 2010 and going on my own honeymoon, I’ve shot panoramic landscapes on a special panoramic film camera. I’m a purist & taught myself how to take pictures back when film was the only option, and I continue to use it today.

My weddings are all shot on digital, but all my landscape work is shot on film. 2016 will mark the year when I finally combine some of both! For a while in 2015 I wanted to take the panoramic film camera to weddings but for a few reasons it didn’t work out. In 2016 that will definitely happen! I won’t have it at all weddings, as the format of the camera doesn’t lend itself to every occasion, especially in Ireland – it really needs to be on a tripod (which I do not use at weddings), but that can be avoided if it’s bright!

It’s something I’m really looking forward to trying & the results should be pretty amazing. You can’t compare a digital shot that’s cropped or stitched together, so for examples see below…the first shot is one of the few portrait shots I have. That’s my wife, Sarah, walking the sand dunes in Death Valley in California. The second shot is near Strandhill in Sligo, a location I use for engagement shoots quite a bit. As you can see from both shots, the use of the panoramic camera is best suited to take in the surrounding location. It’s going to be fun trying this out!! Stay tuned!!


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