Lets go Behind The Image of this shot from Nicola & Cian’s wedding back in May of 2015!

Sometimes you shoot a wedding, and a certain image from the day just pops up & stays there as being a favourite and you know right away as soon as the shutter button is fired. This image below was the opposite! It’s grown on me everytime I see it! But for me, it sums up everything about the day…relaxed, rainy, super happy!

I don’t bring couples out into the rain, unless it’s really sheltered or they’re really keen & don’t mind. So for Nicola & Cian’s portrait shoot, we stayed indoors in Castle Dargan & got everything we needed. However, like my own wedding back in 2010 when we got our shoot done inside the old house, I knew the couple would have to walk over to the reception room & as it was still raining an umbrella would be needed.

So very simply, I ran on ahead of the couple, as we were finished the main portraits, and I just waited near the door of the reception area. A few minutes later, Nicola & Cian came walking towards me under the umbrella, dress in hand, chatting & looking so relaxed. I shot a few frames on a long lens as that’s my favourite kind of lens for this shot. I never told the bride & groom I was going to wait & shoot this, as I wanted real emotions, and a non-posed kind of look.

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