I’ve been asked a couple of times recently if I do USB only package, or what’s known by wedding photographers as a ‘shoot & burn’ option. That is where the photographer turns up on your wedding day, shoots, and afterwards hands you a USB with all the images they took.

Imagine this scenario…1 year after your wedding, glass of wine in hand, curled up with your spouse remembering one of the best days of your lives. Now, how can you flick through the pages of a USB? Even sitting in front of the PC just doesn’t quite do it, does it? Now more importantly, imagine that same scenario but 30 years down the line, when your kids or grand-kids ask to see your wedding album? A USB just isn’t going to bring out the same emotions that a wedding album will do. That’s truly when the album becomes a family heirloom.

That is primarily why I do not offer a shoot & burn package. I like to get to know the people who choose me to photograph their wedding, that’s where the engagement shoot comes in handy, as it gets you used to being in front of the camera, so when I’m there on your wedding day, you’re already comfortable with the camera & how I work, and this allows me to tell the story of wedding day through my pictures. Afterwards, is when we get down to creating what will become one of your most cherished possessions.

So although, yes, I do include a USB with images in all my packages, it’s really the album choice that is the most important item. That album may be a matted (modern take on traditional) album, or a new style coffee table album. Either way, the album should be your storybook.

And when my clients pick up their album, I always have it packaged in a strong jute bag…good for the environment, great for holding heavy albums! I’ve been using these Jute bags since 2009 when I knew I needed to find a suitable bag to hold big, heavy albums. Plastic or paper bags were never going to cut it…you can pile tonnes of stuff in a jute bag & they’ll hold it! And they’re good for the climate & planet!

How gorgeous is the cover of this matted album which has just made its way to it’s new home! At 40 pages, this matted album is as thick as my own wedding album! But there’s something special about the crecko oil leather cover the couple chose! Pictures just don’t do it justice! Fabulous!


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