Let’s go Behind The Image from a portrait shot from Stephanie & Paul’s wedding last March. This was shot inside the spa area of Kilronan Castle, and it’s a shot I had wanted to try to capture for some time, mainly because the colours in the spa area are pretty awesome. But it’s the colours in there that also lend itself to the bride & groom turning a weird colour if you shoot it wrong! I’m not a big proponent of using flash and I know that if you use flash in this area, all those lovely colours will just wash out.

So to capture this image I needed a consistent source of light, and more importantly somebody who knew exactly where to place & hold the light. Enter Steve Rogers, who helped me shoot throughout the day and stepped in & knew exactly what I was looking for. Once the light was set it was a matter of letting Stephanie & Paul relax & just keep chatting while I sorted out my composition. I knew I wanted to include some of the water but more important for me was the led lighting around the pool that was creating a beautiful reflection on the water. As always with a portrait shot, it’s the couple that are the most important element of the photograph, the surrounding area just complements them. I think that’s exactly what I’ve achieved here!

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