Another Behind The Image post involving grandparents, some of my favourite moments of a wedding day & something I never tire of documenting.

My previous post on Aisling & her grandfather differs from this shot mainly due to my positioning in taking the photo. Whereas that previous image (here) was shot really close with a wide angle lens, this shot with Catriona, Colin & Colin’s grandmother, I was a little bit back, on a longer lens. I made this decision very quickly as I knew there was people in front of me and a full dining room table so it wasn’t the appropriate place to shoot wide. And to get the intimacy in the photograph, I needed to be further away & not get noticed. It’s the look on Colin’s grandmother that is amazing & so genuine….you cannot pose these shots, and she doesn’t even realise I’m snapping away in the background. These are some of my favourite moments of a wedding day…I know I’ve said that twice now, but it’s true!

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