Back in January I said I was finally going to shoot some film panoramic portraits at some weddings this year. Well a couple of weeks ago at Danielle & Martin’s wedding I did!

Without going into too much boring technical details, this shot above was taken with an old school panoramic film camera on film, a Hasselblad Xpan! It’s one shot, exactly how I seen it through the camera. It’s the same big camera I use to shoot my landscape work – seen here. And because it’s one shot is the reason I’ve wanted to try using this camera at weddings for so long. It’s a completely different look to what my digital cameras shoot. A lot of photographers try shooting film for a certain look…I’ve shot film since I picked up a camera in 1999 and I use a different kind of film for my landscape work, a very saturated gorgeous film, whereas the film above is more suited to portraiture. To be honest I’ll probably try using my landscape film for some weddings later in the summer, as when I shot Formula 1, we always used that film for portraits then & it worked.

I’m certainly looking forward to shooting some more wedding portraits in panoramic throughout the rest of the summer & into autumn. I mean, how mega would the shot above look huge framed!

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