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What happens in the moments just before the bride & her father walk up the aisle differs at every wedding. Lets get behind the image of this photograph of Michelle & her dad in Ballina.

This is generally an emotional moment, probably one of the most emotional moments of the wedding day. It’s definitely a time where I step back & simply observe the church to make sure everything is ready, and I tend to only take 1 or 2 shots. Except in Ballina Cathedral, where because of the layout of the entrance, I can happily shoot from above & not be noticed at all so everything I capture is a genuine moment. Usually when shooting this shot from above (Ballina Cathedral is one of the few churches where you can shoot this shot from up high) the best shots are the ones of the bridesmaids fixing the brides dress. But on this occasion I had captured that already & was just about to come down & run up the aisle to get things started, when I noticed a nice composition of Michelle & her dad side-by-side, with a bridesmaid just holding her veil off the ground. I composed the shot, showing the beautiful mosaic tiled floor and just pressed the shutter, right at the same time as Michelle’s dad checked his watch! Perfect timing, perfect moment & totally unposed and real. And apparently dad is a bit of a time-keeper! So again, a little bit of luck played it’s part…but thankfully I was in the position to take what luck gave me!

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