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Like my previous post in the Behind The Image series, this shot above is another moment between a bride & her dad just before walking up the aisle. I don’t usually get the chance to see or shoot this exact moment (nor do many guests) as either the doors of the church are closed, or bridesmaids are still walking up the aisle. In this case, Janet’s bridesmaids had already taken their seats, and Janet & her dad were just taking an extra moment before making a grand entrance. I love this moment, and as I said last time, this can be an emotional moment, but in this case, it was smiles all round!

You can’t plan this shot but as soon as I seen it, I shoot two frames before the moment was gone…this was the better of the two frames. Having a lens on my camera with a little more reach really helped with the composition and knowing that there was a 3 stop difference in light, I just quickly changed settings…experience helps with that because the church is so dark, if you let the camera decide what to do, it will expose for the guests rendering Janet & her dad outside totally washed out. I knew the shot I wanted though, Janet & her dad as the subjects, and the guests inside the church underexposed & just leading your eye into the bride & her dad.

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