irish wedding photographyAnybody researching wedding photography should be asking this question when meeting or contacting any potential wedding photographers – “When do I get to see my wedding pictures?”. Whenever I sit down with a couple for a meeting about their upcoming wedding, before they book, it’s a question I’m always asked, and rightly so but on occasions when it’s not asked, I mention it anyway, and you’ll find it on my info page on this website.

3 weeks – That’s still my absolute fastest ever delivery of a clients wedding album into their hands, after their wedding! My normal turnaround of when you can see your wedding images is within 2 weeks of your wedding. Sorry but the days of waiting months on end to see your wedding pictures should be long gone. Maybe it’s from my Formula 1 background where after each race, I had to go through multiple photographers images & send them back to our head office before jumping on a plane to fly back across the world…sponsors, teams, magazines would not wait. So why should a bride & groom? It’s just the way I’ve always worked.

Now not all couples get their wedding album so quickly…I know life takes over when couples return from honeymoon, but everybody still receives their images through online password protected galleries within 2 weeks of their wedding. Then the onus is on the couple to get back to me with any changes to their album design. I know that can take time and that’s why I do not place a 6 month or any time limit on your online galleries…it’ll be online right up until your approve your album!


Anyway, here’s a quick picture from one of my last races as a Fomula 1 photograher, it was taken in Brazil just before the end of season driver photo shoot. It’s one of the rare times you’ll see all the photographers in the paddock together!! And that’s me almost in the middle (see the arrow pointing!!).

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