backgnd04This isn’t a what to do, how to plan, what to expect piece on what to do about your wedding and the effects of Covid-19 Coronavirus shudown. Why…because nobody knows. With regards Ireland, I think by now, we’ve all seen the Reopening phases below and we’re trying to work out what that might mean regards weddings. Why only weddings, because that’s what I do, that’s what I’m involved in, and that’s how I make my living.

Weddings, no matter how big or small, involve people, usually being close to each other and it will be hard to avoid that, no matter if you are a guest or photographer. So I think most photographers are in agreement that it will be phase 5 before anything takes place for us. Yes, things might happen sooner, but I can see from my diary it will be August before I shoot any weddings.

So far I’m up to 24 weddings from 2020 moving. Thankfully for all but two of these, I’ve been able to reschedule them. But 2021 dates are going quickly. I’m not going to say the whole year is booked to try and force couples into a date they don’t want. I am moving any date I can to any date I have free, whether or not that’s a Friday or Saturday in 2021, prime dates. Again every photographer runs their business differently. So far the first half of 2021 up until end of June is almost booked out with Fridays/Saturdays, but the 2nd half is nicely free so far, that’s thanks to a bunch of couples moving to later in 2020 and winter 2o21. But saying that, all wedding suppliers are loving when a couples moves to a Thursday or any other day bar Friday/Saturday! Yes, I shoot weddings on any day of the week, including Easter Sunday once before!

Fingers crossed also if things keep on track, I will hopefully be doing engagement shoots again in July sometime. Eshoots are easier to manage than weddings. They’re generally done with myself and the couple, in the outside, and because of the way I photograph my eshoots, on longer lenses, I’m never within 2 meters of a couple anyway, and generally much further away! Actually if you look at any of my wedding posts from 2007 to March 2020 (my last weddings), I’ve always used longer lenses…that comes from my background working in Formula 1 then by my influences of early wedding photography in late 2006 and 2007. Yes, there are certain parts of a wedding where I have to use a wide angle lens, but for the most part, you won’t notice a change in my style when we get back to shooting weddings!

As always, and most of my clients know this anyway, but any questions at all please get in touch, via email, Contact page, messenger or old school phone call! I’m always around and responding to queries/questions as quickly as ever! I obviously don’t have the answers to everything, but I can tell you what’s up regards photography and dates I have free and dates I don’t! It’s also a simple process to move your date from one date to another. It only requires a signature on a letter I have ready, that’s simply because so many dates are moving, keeping track of everyone is my priority at the moment…that letter signed is paramount to avoid double booking.

One other thing I would advise is to limit what you look at on wedding forums or Facebook groups if you want to keep your sanity. Nobody on there knows whats going to happen. I certainly am not on any of those, never have been actually! I have enough going on in my life without having to add unnecessary stress, we all do especially now! The best advice I can give, is get in touch with all your suppliers and ask questions if you’re thinking of moving dates! And above all, stay safe!


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