wedding photographer sligo 2Thinking about getting an engagement shoot done but wondering if it’s going to be weird or uncomfortable? Don’t worry, here’s a few tips to give you a feel for the shoot and what it involves! The eshoot comes with all wedding packages, so think of it as a superb chance to get some awesome images of you & your partner for the walls or ‘gram!!

wedding photographer sligo 1Just Go With It & Be Natural!!

The engagement shoot session really is the best way to get superb wedding images, as it gets you used to being in front of the camera! It might take a few minutes to get a little used to the camera clicking, but that’s the point of the session, and after those first few minutes, I pretty much guarantee you won’t mind it too much and that’s when we’ll get some real good pictures!

I’m really looking for interaction between couples, so very little looking at me! In fact looking at your partner or just looking all around and not at me works best!

wedding photographer sligoHands Go Everywhere!!

You’re a couple, about to get married, the best way to ‘pose’ your hands, is to keep your hands on your partner!! Hold hands, hold arms, hold bodies…hands go everywhere! That way you don’t have to think about them too much! Occasionally I might ask the guys to pop their hands in their pockets but for the most part, just hold onto your partner or wrap up!

wedding photographer sligoLocation Location Location!

Just like Kirsty & Phil looking for houses on TV, the location of your shoot is pretty important! Some couples have a specific location they want, sometimes they leave it up to me to decide. When I decide on a location, for me light is the most important factor, backgrounds come after! I can usually make most locations look great, but being realistic, a beach scene shot at midday in summer, is not going to look the same as if it was shot just before sunset! Which leads us to the next point.

Timing of the Shoot!

Most times the location we choose is going to be a quieter location, not full of people, but sometimes a beach scene on a hot day in summer could be busy. For something like that, a shoot just before sunset will be quieter and much better for light anyway! But in general, as a photographer, shoots just before sunset in spring and summer are always better and if its sunny and nice, the creative juices will usually start flowing with the gorgeous amber light!

Shoots in winter are totally different, and a shoot just before sunset is only a good option if it’s sunny, if it’s not, the light then takes on a blue hue because of the impending darkness! Winter is one of the times where middle of the day is better, for more light!

wedding photographer congWhat Do We Wear!

I’ve said for years, just wear something you are happy to be photographed in! All going well, we should capture some images you might want to frame for the wall, and you’ll want to be happy with what you’re wearing! Always try to avoid big logos…I don’t work for commercial clients any more so we don’t want to be giving free advertising to a clothing brand!! In winter, try to avoid big huge puffy coats! Wrap up by all means, it’s cold here in Ireland in winter! Some of my couples will dress up a little, especially if that’s what they’re going for, but by all means if its a beachy shoot in summer, summer dress for the ladies, shorts for the guys – basically whatever you’d normally wear,  just go for it! In summer unless I’m shooting a wedding, I’ll be in shorts too!

For the ladies, always try to bring something to tie up your hair should it be windy! I’ll usually try to place you in such a way where the wind blows your hair back but sometimes the light won’t allow for this! A hair tie is always invaluable!!

wedding photographer sligo 2Fur Babies!

I’m not a photographer that’s into shooting with props. But your fur babies are always welcome! I love animals and love shooting a couple with their pets! They don’t have to be in every shot so we usually make sure they’re ok to sit & watch too!! This obviously varies on how well the pets behave! You know what they say about pets & kids!!

Bonus points if you bring a cat along to the shoot…I’m a cat guy and have yet to see this!!

wedding photographer sligowinter wedding photography sligoHave Fun!

It’s not serious, it’s a fun shoot, to try and get you used to the camera before your wedding! We’ll get great shots but just relax and go with it! Take 30-60 minutes from your day and chill with your loved one!

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