I am a Strandhill wedding photographer who has lived in Strandhill Sligo for a good number of years – I’m actually on my second stint living here and this time it’s forever! I surf here, hike here, kayak here and do a good number of engagement shoots here naturally, but in all my 15 years shooting weddings, I’ve only photographed maybe three actual local weddings!

Of course, as it’s a stunning and beautiful village on the Wild Atlantic Way, I’ve come to get photographs after the ceremony at times. And this can be a great option too. And with Strandhill being as busy as it can be especially in summer, sometimes you just have to embrace all the people around, as Lianne & Craig did on their wedding recently on one of the hottest days of the year in 2021!wedding photographer sligo

The easiest and classic spots on the Strandhill promenade are of course what we call the ‘slipway’ which leads down to the beach, from here you can photograph the bride & groom with the water, Ox Mountains, Atlantic Ocean. The dunes are close by for a background and of Knocknarea is just there also!

Then you have the absolute classic cannon photo. Usually reserved for locals getting in on the cannon photo as it’s been there forever, but it’s called a classic for a reason, everyone knows it!

wedding photographer strandhillstrandhill wedding photographer 02For the past two years we haven’t been able to, but popping into the Strand Bar is always a good one, the pints are the best and the decor inside lends itself to getting some super cool photos inside, or if it’s nice & sunny outside! Then finally for a wedding shoot, just outside the village is a superb spot that overlooks the whole of Sligo Bay, Benbulben and it’s a great quiet spot to grab a few extra portraits before heading to the reception!

strandhill wedding photographerAs good as Strandhill is as a location for wedding photographs, I actually prefer doing engagement shoots here, as when doing these we have a lot more time, and can explore the best of the area. As a local living here, I’ve explored a whole lot of the place, on foot, on kayak, even in the air one time on a flying lesson at Sligo Airport!

We have Culleenamore Beach right here, a huge beach that has so many options, that I haven’t even explore all yet with eshoots! We have the north end of the peninsula (yes, Strandhill is a peninsula!) with it’s empty beaches at low tide, stunning views of Benbulben and gorgeous long grass! We have the old lodge area, this used to be a hidden beauty spot but not so hidden anymore unfortunately, but still gorgeous especially when the sea thrift is blooming in summer!

wedding photographer strandhillwedding photographer strandhillwedding photographer sligoThen for the explorers, we have the hidden Glen area. I’ve been down here twice with couples for engagement shoots. It’s kind of muddy getting down there, but once there, it’s amazing, like another world! Highly recommended for a couple that wants something different with their engagement shoot!

wedding photographer sligo 2My all time favourite time of day to shoot in Strandhill is about an hour before sunset in summer, as on the right day, Strandhill has the most amazing sunsets. There’s a reason when it’s nice, the whole promenade is full of people watching as the sun sets over the Atlantic!

sunset wedding photographerwedding photographer strandhillSo yeah, being a wedding photographer in Strandhill is pretty amazing and I’m definitely spoilt for choice living here and photographing here.

If you are considering a wedding near Strandhill then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your Wild Atlantic Way Sligo Strandhill wedding!

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