sligo wedding photographerHaving sparklers at your wedding is a great, fun way to capture some cool images, and get your guests going right before the dancing begins! It normally starts out with the photographer (me!) organising as many guests as possible into two lines with the bride & groom set to walk down the middle of the group…it starts nice & organised, everybody starts lighting their sparklers, and from then on it descends into pure fun & a bit of mayhem where everything I’ve said goes out the window & we all just roll with it!!

This isn’t a guide on how to shoot the sparklers, but the one thing I will say is if you’re thinking of doing this, make sure you get the longest sparklers you can get, it doesn’t really work with the short ones unfortunately – it takes time to get lighting them & you need the guests at the top of the line to have their sparklers still lit while the bride & groom are half way down the line of guests…the short sparklers go out too quickly unfortunately & also don’t give out as much light, which is something your photographer needs!

Also the best time to do this is around twilight, with some light left in the sky. It’s tricky in summer when it’s bright until around almost 11pm but the first photo below was done around 10pm in summer and as long as your photographer can find a dark background, it works!

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