wedding photographer sligoPhotographing every wedding morning is different, sometimes there’s a lot going on, sometimes not as much. There’s moments to be captured…they are everywhere, your photographer just needs to be able to anticipate them, see them before they happen, then press the shutter button at the right moment.

Having photographed around 550 or so wedding mornings, primarily with the bride & the bridesmaids, I’ve picked up a lot of know how – trends in dresses, shoe styles, bridesmaids dresses, how parts of the dress are supposed to be and what to use instead of a crochet hook when one is not included with the dress for those tiny little buttons with hooks – hint, use a fork!

And then there’s the veil. I tend to stay out of the way for this part, although, again I’ve seen enough hairdressers pop it in that I do know which way it’s supposed to go in! For Karen, the bride in this photo, her bridesmaid Emma, is a hairdresser so she knew exactly how to put the veil in, and how hard it has to be pressed in sometimes!

For this shot I was just ready for anything that might happen. Having photographed many similar moments, I was ready, so when the grimace from the bride happened I just pressed the shutter button. Having Karen’s sister on the left of the frame also having a shocked look knowing this wasn’t pleasant was the finishing touch to the image and lets the viewer into the story of this photo.

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