wedding photographer irelandPhotographing the bride walking up the aisle is one of the most pressured shot of a wedding day. Due to all sorts of circumstances, we’re usually running a little late, so that’s pressure enough, but camera settings have to be set very quickly, on two cameras to capture different focal lengths – I work on my own, so do this myself! Every venue is also different so light is always all over the shop, and sometimes changing mid-aisle!

But before that shot, sometimes, just sometimes there’s a shot or two that can be unexpected but if you’re looking and watching, that shot might just present itself. The shot above is from a few years ago, but I’ve been able to get similar images at a couple of weddings.

Ideally when the bridesmaids have walked up the aisle, the bride waits until the aisle is clear so she has the full length of the aisle to herself and myself & the videographer also have an unobstructed view to capture the moments. Here for some reason, the doors only opened part way, quite possibly they got stuck as they tend to do in old Irish churches! But for me, I seen I had a clear view of the bride through the chink in the door. A quick flick of my camera settings to get the exposure right and click. One frame, and the doors opened and normal service resumed…change settings back & shoot the processional with all the usual pressure of that shot!

So with this shot we have the bride, taking a moment just before the most important walk of her life! Only she will know what was going through her mind at the time, and my hope is that this image would bring her back to this moment whenever she looks at it.

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