By the end of 2021 I hit a milestone of photographing over 500 weddings since 2007! What does that mean aside from the obvious! Well it means I know how the wedding day goes and flows, what happens when & how long it takes to do parts of the day, from the early morning until late in the evening! And whether it’s me photographing your wedding or somebody else, your photographer more than any other person on the day, knows or should know the timings of everything. And while not every wedding day is the same especially with smaller intimate weddings taking place during the pandemic, I would honestly say 90%-95% have a similar timeline throughout the day.

So in this next series of posts I’m going to go through exactly how my day generally goes, and what I think is best for you the bride & groom to get the maximum time to relax and enjoy the day with your friends & family, which is what it’s all about – I know how the day flows & goes, but ultimately it’s your day and I just go with it! I’ve posted a full length version before and you can read that here (full wedding day timeline) but I’m going to breakdown each part of the day in more detail in this series of posts!

wedding photographer glencarThe Morning Part 1: The Grooms Place:

At 90% of my weddings I will start at the brides home or where she is getting ready. But for 10% or so, I will start at the grooms house and that is no problem at all, provided the locations aren’t too far apart. For arguments sake we’ll say the ceremony is at 1pm, therefore I will be at the brides home roughly around 10:30am. So if I’m starting at the grooms home, I will generally arrive there at 9:30am. Early, yes, but I have a lot to do including driving to the brides home after!

For most guys, 9:30am is too early to be suited & ready but that is no problem, as we can still capture some relaxed photos around the home, including the cars, farm machinery and whatever else! And for some, putting on the suit is no problem, and I’ll capture all that in a documentary style if that’s the case.

For my own wedding, I popped on my suit for the videographer, then took it off again when he left. Some guys I’ve photographed will do this also, while some are happy to be in their suit early. Most of the time, while I can get the relaxed portraits in the grooms normal clothes, it is nice to get some preparation photos sorting the suit, or even popping the jacket or waistcoat on.

wedding photographer temple housewedding photographer kilronancastlewedding photographer sligowedding photographer mayoIf all the groomsmen are there in the morning and all happen to be ready, then I definitely get the portraits of the groom and guys before I head to the brides home. Sometimes the guys might be in the hotel and that’s a great chance to get some relaxed shots of one last drink as a single guy with his friends!

wedding photographer bellinter houseAs I mentioned above, most of my weddings start at the brides home and the first time I meet the groom on the wedding day will be just before the church. If that’s the case, I like to capture the groom and his groomsmen and also the groom with his family. These generally take me all of 5 minutes to do as I like to work quick and I know the bride is on her way so the pressure is on!

These pictures before the ceremony are not always possible due to time constraints (usually when make-up runs late, it pushes everything out from there!) so if I do not get the grooms portraits beforehand, I will capture them later in the day, but they are always captured and to be honest I normally get them done before the ceremony in all cases – did I say I like to work quickly!!

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