Sligo Business Headshots

Mark Capilitan is a professional Sligo photographer with over twenty years experience including past work as a staff photographer at a global Formula 1 photo agency with multinational companies as clients.

Mark works closely with all clients and their tailored briefs, from the initial meetings or emails through to delivery of the images to ensure his modern headshot photography surpasses all their expectations.


Mark’s headshot work is known for its natural lighting while bringing out the personality and energy of his subjects. Most one-off headshots are done on location at your place of business by appointment at a time that suits you.

Mark knows that your time is precious and is adapt at working quickly. Having experience working with busy Formula 1 drivers through to SME owners, Mark is used to having your professional headshot done in minutes, letting you get back to your business.

Sligo Business Headshot Pricing

If you are in need of a new business portrait to showcase on your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram business page, remember first impressions matter.

Having a professionally photographed headshot shows you have high standards, are willing to do things right , you want to stand at from the crowd, and are confident in your abilities.

Mark’s business headshots are convenient and affordable, no matter what industry you work in!

Professional Headshots, for up to 5 people, on location in County Sligo: €250

If you require more than one outfit that can of course be accommodated with a little extra time.

These on location headshots are also great for photographing a larger group of people from your team or company for a more consistent look for your company or brand. Please contact Mark to discuss your larger group requirements.

To see more examples of Mark’s Sligo Business Portraits, click here.

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