I'm a photographer who specialises in photographing weddings! I cannot believe that 2023 will be my 17th year as a wedding photographer!

I’ve won some wedding photography awards & you can find those in the Review section of the website. But more important than any award is making sure my clients are delighted with their images...there's no better award than that for me!

A little more about me – I used to be the only Irish Formula 1 photographer! Shooting F1 all over the world exposed me to the pressure of having to deliver required photos to major clients time and time again. This was long before the Netflix series and thankfully long before social media or camera phones!


I'm married to Sarah, who happens to be an awesome baker! We're cat people! That's Kalli our maine coon cat below when she was a tiny kitten...now she's a 12 year old, 7kg big ball of fluff!! Tenaya is our newest kitten, a ragcoon, thats tearing our house apart as you read this! Fear not dog people, as a dog would be very welcome in our home & will probably come at some point!


I love surfing. Aside from surfing, there's no better way to get onto the ocean than in a kayak...but really anytime I'm in the ocean is a good time!


A small place called Exuma is one of my favourite places, surrounded by the most glorious water you can imagine!

I used to do triathlons…but gave them up after doing the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco! I prone paddle now to keep up the training ethos!

I love hiking especially when the place is covered in snow & you'll find there's nobody else outside!

maine coon cat sligo

Having met and photographed you already during your engagement shoot, I love nothing better than to turn up on your wedding day and almost blend in and document your day with beautiful portraits, special moments and all the little details you’ve spent months on getting together.

So please have a look through my site. I often say that it’s my shop window, so if you would like to see more photos or if you have more questions to do with wedding photography or anything, please get in touch.


mark capilitan photographer
mark capilitan photographer



I’ve shot over 550 weddings (wow!) but it’s the next one, Your Wedding, that keeps me motivated & super excited to keep on photographing!


What I love more than anything is to give my clients beautiful photographs of one of the most important and best days of their lives. I see photography as something special on a wedding day, simply because it is the one aspect of the day that remains years after everything is said, put away and eaten! I want you to be able to look through your album at all the little details and precious moments, and let it bring you back to that day.

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